New Television Ad Exposes The Cost Consequences From Private Equity’s Proposed Surprise Billing Fix

Washington, D.C. – At a time when private equity firms are driving a growing number of American families into bankruptcy from surprise medical bills, a new television ad – “Bill Collector” – highlights how these companies are pushing for government-mandated arbitration so that they can continue to send exorbitant, unfair charges to patients. 

The television spot is part of a renewed advertising push from the Coalition urging Congress to support meaningful solutions to surprise medical billing, specifically privately negotiated, market-based rates for out-of-network care. The Coalition’s members – which includes leading employer groups, unions, health insurance providers and health organizations – have continually voiced the concerns of millions of Americans who have been exploited by private equity firms, hospitals and specialists with unfair, out-of-network charges.

In recent national polling, an overwhelming majority of voters favor a surprise billing fix that would reimburse providers with privately negotiated, market rates as opposed to allowing private equity firms to continually game the system via arbitration. Establishing market-based rates for out-of-network care would save consumers and taxpayers more than $25 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and prevent private equity firms from taking advantage of patients at their most vulnerable.

This strong voter support for market-based rates stands in stark contrast to the proposed arbitration solution pushed by private equity firms, hospitals and their allies. In addition, a wide range of policy experts, thought leaders and consumer advocates have repeatedly urged Congressional leaders to avoid the use of open-ended arbitration and instead to focus on policies that have a track record of success expanding in-network care and lowering costs for consumers.

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