Following the release of surprise billing proposals from the House Committee on Ways & Means and the House Committee on Education and Labor, the Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing issued the following statement:

“At a time when millions of Americans are still receiving bankrupting surprise medical bills, Congressional action to end this egregious practice is long past due. Unfortunately, these latest proposals fall drastically short of a meaningful solution to end surprise medical billing. The proposal from the Ways & Means Committee relies solely on arbitration – essentially providing a handout to the very players who started this problem and continue to profit off American families at their most vulnerable moments. On top of that, the Education and Labor Committee’s proposal significantly limits the benefits of fair, market-based rates by encouraging those specialists who charge the highest fees to recoup their costs through arbitration.”

“Ultimately, these proposals would do very little to stop hospitals and private equity firms that continue to charge patients, employers and American taxpayers exorbitant prices for medical care. Experts and thought leaders from across the political spectrum have come to the same conclusion – arbitration means everyone will pay more for health care. If policymakers are serious about putting an end to this affordability problem, then the best and only way to do so is to make sure that all patients and consumers can benefit from local, privately negotiated, market-based rates.”