Below are excerpts from ProPublica.

  • “A major medical staffing company said it wouldn’t go through with cuts to doctors’ pay and benefits after ProPublica first reported the plans.”
  • “Alteon Health, which employs more than 1,700 doctors and other medical workers nationwide, said Sunday it won’t cut medical directors’ stipends by 20%, as planned, and will continue offering paid time off, which it had said would stop. While Alteon will defer matching 401(k) contributions, it won’t eliminate those contributions, as previously announced.”
  • “Envision Healthcare, whose private-equity backer is KKR, is withholding pay and considering salary cuts among its more than 25,000 clinicians, Bloomberg reported.”
  • Most hospitals don’t employ ER doctors directly but instead contract with practice groups, which have increasingly been bought and bundled into staffing companies by private-equity investors. Vanishing income from routine care is also prompting furloughs and pay cuts at hospital operators, both nonprofit and for-profit.”