For the finale of our blog series, we are highlighting a recent letter signed by nearly 70 organizations representing patients, consumers, unions, and employers reinforcing the essential nature of the No Surprises Act. The diverse groups have been sending joint letters for three years to stress the importance of bipartisan legislation and final regulations that protect patients from surprise bills while also lowering health care costs.

Recent data shows that more than 2 million surprise medical bills were already prevented by the No Surprises Act. As noted in the letter, the law is critical legislation that puts patients first, which is why it must be implemented in-full to protect American families.

Highlights from the letter include:

  • “The No Surprises Act is a notable example of broad, bipartisan health care reform legislation. It has already protected millions of Americans from surprise medical bills and, if implemented according to congressional intent, it promises to help restrain health care inflation.”
  • “Knowing how much this landmark law has already helped American families, it is crucial the Biden Administration continue to stand firmly on the side of consumers and patients in defending the No Surprises Act, including implementing the law in a manner that helps reduce health care spending.”
  • “A recent survey from AHIP and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association found that in January and February 2022 the No Surprises Actprevented more than two million claims from resulting in surprise medical bills. This trend indicates the No Surprises Act is likely to prevent at least 12 million surprise bills in its first year of implementation. Millions of American families are counting on this law to ensure a medical emergency does not lead to financial ruin.”
  • “Our health care system cannot bear to have 12 million out-of-network claims disputed through costly IDR. Americans want more health care providers and facilities to be in-network, and a predictable IDR process centered on market-based reimbursement for services helps accomplish that.”
  • “Patients, consumers, labor unions, and employers of all sizes stand firm in our support for the No Surprises Act. We are troubled that some health care providers and private-equity backed groups are intent on ending or eroding the No Surprises Act, so much they have repeatedly challenged the law and/or its implementing regulations in court.”
  • “To date, eight lawsuits have been filed to weaken the law and regulations. Were this law to be struck down or eroded, the financial security of millions of Americans each year is at risk and many providers and facilities will see license to continue to increase health care costs.”
  • “There is a future where the No Surprises Actremains fully in effect, more providers and facilities are participating in health plan networks, and IDR is used sparingly, with most payment determinations trending towards market rates for services. This ensures American consumers have greater choice of in-network providers, peace of mind when seeking medical care at a hospital, and lower health care costs.”

To view the full letter, click here.