Following the announcement on a new surprise medical billing proposal, the Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing issued the following statement:

“Consumers deserve solutions that protect them from surprise medical bills while keeping costs low. The Congress and the President have worked hard to find a solution that keeps these commitments – and we are committed to continuing to work with policymakers to find an effective solution. We especially appreciate the Committees’ work to maintain the essential consumer safeguards to stop surprise medical bills, including a market-based benchmark. Ending surprise medical bills is a critical priority for consumers, patients and taxpayers that we must get done this year.

“We have said repeatedly that we have significant and serious concerns about arbitration being abused by out-of-network providers and private equity firms. As we have seen in New York, these providers will exploit every loophole available to take advantage of patients. The result of arbitration is that consumers, employers, unions and taxpayers pay the price. Lawmakers should continue to work to find real solutions that protect patients and save money for taxpayers. While a solution based on local, median negotiated rates will protect patients and save hardworking taxpayers more than $25 billion, arbitration will do neither.”