Following the release of new interim final rules (IFR) as part of the implementation of the No Surprises Act, the Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing issued the following statement:

“Ending surprise medical bills and lowering health care costs were the key goals of the No Surprises Act and priorities shared by our diverse coalition members. While we are still reviewing the full IFR, we appreciate that these rules adhere to and reinforce the statute which calls for the qualifying payment amount (QPA) to be the primary and overriding consideration for final payment determinations as part of the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process. For patients to be protected from abuse and misuse of IDR and to achieve the full cost-savings projected by the Congressional Budget Office, it is essential that the final rules maintain limits on arbitration. We look forward to working with the Administration and Congress to ensure that millions of Americans are safeguarded from surprise medical bills and out-of-network charges moving forward.”

To read the Coalition’s previous letter to the Administration on the importance of safeguarding patients from the arbitration process, click here.