Washington, D.C. – The Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing issued the following statement in response to the latest September 22, 2022, lawsuit filed by the Texas Medical Association challenging portions of the final rule issued on the No Surprises Act:

“We are disappointed to learn that the Texas Medical Association is continuing their efforts, in their most recent lawsuit, to boost profits at the expense of patients. Lawsuits targeting the No Surprises Act are an attempt to tear down patient protections which have already prevented more than 2 million surprise bills from reaching patients and their families.

“It is clear some private equity-backed facilities have had to rely on unfair price-gouging practices to keep their businesses running. Sadly, certain providers seem determined to keep filing lawsuits to protect their profits – at the expense of patients and families. As implementation of the No Surprises Act continues, we will not be deterred in our fight to ensure patients are safeguarded from unfair and unwarranted surprise medical bills while also lowering health care costs.”