The Texas Medical Association (TMA) is at it again. This physician association just announced its third legal attempt challenging the patient protections in the No Surprises Act. Following initial fillings in 2021 and September 2022, additional efforts by TMA and their allies further jeopardize the cost-saving and patient-focused regulations of the law.

The No Surprises Act is working for Americans. Recent data shows it has prevented 9 million surprise bills in the first 9 months of 2022. So why would TMA continue to fight so hard against it?

The truth is, TMA is fighting to protect the $17 billion the Congressional Budget Office estimated taxpayers would save with enactment of the No Surprises Act.

A bipartisan majority of voters have said they are concerned that lawsuits from some physician and hospital organizations could delay or overturn the patient protections in the No Surprises Act (73%) and increase health care costs for patients (78%).

The voters –and the facts– speak for themselves. The regulations implemented under the No Surprises Act must remain in place to protect patients and lower health care costs for everyone.