Private Equity Firms Exploit Patients

Seeking Emergency Care

The growing presence of private equity-backed providers is becoming an all too common influence in the health system – and one of the leading drivers behind egregious surprise medical bills that bankrupt families across the country. Learn more about how private equity firms exploit the market at the expense of patients – and why surprise medical billing reforms need to address the soaring cost of these bills.

Axios: Hospitals Charge A Lot More When Wall Street Owns Them

By Sam Baker Hospitals owned by private equity firms rake in almost 30% more income than hospitals that aren’t, according to new research published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine. Why it matters: Private equity is gobbling up more and more of the health care...

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Coalition Statement on House HEROES Legislation

Washington, DC - Following the release of the latest COVID relief legislation from the U.S. House of Representatives, the Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing issued the following statement: “Establishing guardrails to prevent surprise medical bills from private...

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