Private Equity Firms Exploit Patients

Seeking Emergency Care

The growing presence of private equity-backed providers is becoming an all too common influence in the health system – and one of the leading drivers behind egregious surprise medical bills that bankrupt families across the country. Learn more about how private equity firms exploit the market at the expense of patients – and why surprise medical billing reforms need to address the soaring cost of these bills.

ICYMI: The Price Surprise Bill Ad Buys Continue

Below is an excerpt from Politico Pulse AND THE PRICEY ‘SURPRISE BILL’ AD BUYS CONTINUE — A coalition of mainly insurer and employer groups is launching today a multi-million ad buy attacking private equity groups for trying to sink “surprise” bill legislation....

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ICYMI: Hospitals’ Dog In The Surprise Billing Fight

Below is an excerpt from Axios Hospitals’ Dog In The Surprise Billing Fight Although the surprise billing debate is often framed as a battle between insurers and doctors, hospitals also have a huge financial stake in the issue and are fighting tooth and nail to make...

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