A Market-Based Approach to End Surprise Billing

As policymakers look to put an end to surprise medical billing, there is growing recognition that a fair benchmark standard based on local rates of care is the best way to ensure fair and equitable treatment for health care providers, consumers, employers, and taxpayers. A local benchmark standard would align out-of-network payments to existing local, in-network market rates, which are especially important for small and rural hospitals that play such a vital role for the families they serve. Check out the resources below to learn more about why a local benchmark is the best way to solve surprise medical bills.

Private Equity’s New Bait-and-Switch on Surprise Billing

As the Biden Administration moves forward with implementation of the No Surprises Act, out-of-network providers and private equity firms are pushing to create new loopholes that would raise costs for consumers and families. Groups representing emergency room...

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What Is Congress Waiting For?

In a new national poll, nearly 9 in 10 voters support Congress passing legislation that would protect patients from surprise medical bills. More than three-quarters (79%) support policy solutions that would ban all providers from sending a surprise bill and align...

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