The Perils of Government-Mandated Arbitration

Protecting patients from surprise bills requires us to address the market failure that drives the problem in the first place. Arbitration is a failed remedy that will incentivize exorbitant charges moving forward. Learn more about why arbitration will continue to lead to sky-high charges from out-of-network providers and higher premiums for all of us.

Private Equity’s New Bait-and-Switch on Surprise Billing

As the Biden Administration moves forward with implementation of the No Surprises Act, out-of-network providers and private equity firms are pushing to create new loopholes that would raise costs for consumers and families. Groups representing emergency room...

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Don’t Be Fooled By Claims About ‘Fair IDR’

Just when Congress is considering taking decisive action to protect patients from surprise medical bills, should we be surprised that those who stand to benefit from unfairly charging consumers are pushing to keep the status quo? Action4Health is the latest group to...

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When Private Equity Knocks On Your Door

New Television Ad Exposes The Cost Consequences From Private Equity’s Proposed Surprise Billing Fix Washington, D.C. – At a time when private equity firms are driving a growing number of American families into bankruptcy from surprise medical bills, a new television...

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The Cost and Perils of Arbitration

Leading policy experts and organizations representing consumers, employers and unions have urged Congress to stop discriminatory pricing from bad actors and pursue reforms that would lower costs for millions of Americans. Importantly, everyone agrees that protecting...

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